Friday, March 21, 2008

The Resurrection of My Blog

Can't beleive I've jilted my blog for over a year. Well, what can I say...I've been very, very preoccupied. So much has happened to me ever since (well, it should otherwise it would mean I truly live a boring, unworthwhile life! LOL)

I have a maid now. Didn't have much of a choice since I went back to school I truly needed the extra hand to look after the kids. I guess I've been really lucky because my maid is marvelous. She's okay when it comes to housework but she's superb with the kids. She loves them very much and I can see that the children loves her back. She can't cook very well though (almost to the point of unedible hehe) but that's okay because hubby prefers that I do all the cooking. However, its great to have a kitchen assistance who can chop, blend, deep fry and clean the kitchen after my task is done. That's the part I hated the most about cooking...the preparation and the cleaning up I have a superb helper to take over that part and I happily let her do so. Hehehe.

My previous post I had mentioned about my determination to lose weight. I'm quite happy that now, 2 years after the birth of my boy Mika, I've lost a total of 26kg. That's slightly less than the weight of my 5 year old girl AND my 2 year old boy combined. LOL. Quite an achievement in my books. I manage to lose 6 kg during the first few month after the birth, another 10kg during my 'Confession' phase and a further 10kg when I joined the gym. I owe it all to my hot young 23 year old trainer at Fitness First who relentlessly tortured me throughout my 30 sessions with him. Thanks Cash *wink*. I hated you but I'm truly grateful :D. Luckily he's quite the eye candy otherwise I'd put him right up my sworn enemy list. :P

I'm almost done with my studies, thank goodness. I'm about ready to give up but I'm glad that I persevered. My last examination paper will be in June and I can't wait to get over and done with it. Yahoo. Then it's off to start a new life.

Yup. I'm starting a new life. Hubby got the job and we'll be relocating to Abu Dhabi. Hubby's leaving in May though and the family will be joining him probably in July. I'd love to join him immediately but consdiering that lil sister's wedding is in May and my exams doesn't finish till end of June, there is just no way I can accompany him earlier. Poor hubby. Well, he should enjoy the freedom before this whip and cuff wife arrives. LOL.

It's late night and I wish I could carry on but I guess for the time being...too be continued. :P Gotta wake up early for class tomorrow. sigh...