Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Handicap Parking

Hubby and I went to Tesco today to do a little grocery shopping. I guess everyone had decided to do some last minute shopping as well so as it could be expected, parking was scarce. Seems like the only parking available were the handicap bays which obviously are reserved for the handicaps. We had to circle the whole parking lot a few times before finally getting a parking spot.

I don't know if anybody had encountered this, but there has been several times that I've seen some numbskull who totally disregard the handicap zone and selfishly park their vehicle at those parking bays which has been specifically reserved for the handicap. Each time I've just had to suck it in and resist the temptation to do their car some bodily harm.

Well today, as both hubby and I were pushing the kids in their strollers, we passed the handicap bays and there was a smart looking brand new Honda Civic reverse parking into one of the space. Hubby was already grumpy because of the hassle of looking for a parking spot earlier so when he saw the car parking he started staring daggers at the driver and loudly bitching to me about the selfish and I quote, b@st@rd. I told hubby to calm down and lets give the driver the benefit of the doubt citing that he is perhaps a handicap. Hubby said it was unlikely judging by the car.

The driver took some time to park and all the while hubby continued bad mouthing the driver. The driver looked up and gave hubby a huge grin. Hubby exclaimed loudly, "Look at his guilty smile!" I was in no mood to pass judgement and just rolled my eyes at hubby in response while trying to hurry him along.

Suddenly, the driver swung his door opened and called out at hubby. "Encik, hello encik! Excuse me!" Hubby gave him a dirty look and walked past trying to ignore him but I pulled hubby back to a halt. Then the man continued, " Encik, tolong ambil wheel chair saya. Saya orang cacat" and swung his body around to reveal that he had no legs.

Hubby just stood there with his jaws hanging (one would think he'd never seen a handicap man in his life LOL) that I had to nudge him with my elbows and whispered loudly telling him to help the man.

I guess hubby felt really guilty that he practically bundled up and carried the man out of the car much to the man's protest. I couldn't help but to stifle a giggle at hubby's antics. Hubby was suddenly very concern and attentive that even after the man had settled himself into the wheel chair, hubby kept asking him if he'd positioned and secured the man's chair properly and if he could do more to help. At the rate hubby was going, it looked like he wanted to adopt the guy. LOL. The man in return assured hubby that everything was fine and gratefully thanked hubby.

Hubby was quiet after that and seemed to be reflecting the whole incident. I just couldn't resist and just had to rub it by saying to hubby " You know, there's a saying...never judge a car by it's look." Hehehe

The lesson learned today, have good, kind thoughts and it doesn't hurt to give others the benefit of the doubt. :)


Monday, October 09, 2006

My Latest Happenings

My life seems so hectic these days. I'm just so tied up with caring for my family and the mundane task of running the household that I find myself with no time to spare for leisure. I miss blogging and blog hopping. Even checking emails are something I can't afford to do. Last I checked, I've over 600 unread emails. And they dare say that house wives have it easy. I'm stealing some of my sleep time right now to write this entry. My biological clock has gone totally haywire.

Anyway, just like to report about some latest happenings in my life. We've just purchased a house. Although I was eyeing a semi-d or a corner terrace house, hubby has decided that we should just settle for this particular house that we've purchased. It's a 26 x 80 end lot terrace house with 9ft of extra land. It's being developed by a reputable developer and although the location isn't exactly what I had in mind, it's closer to the airport but still 20 minutes away from town. Well, it's better than some unknown part of the world like Nilai or Bagan Lalang. It's a really nice residential area bordering USJ and Puchong. And the layout design is just superb. As the brochure says, it's a house for life. Hubby's very excited with his purchase and although I'm quite happy about the house, it saddens me a little to see our savings dwindling down to almost nothing because of this purchase. Oh well, I guess it was bound to happen same back at square one in the savings department again. So, I'm happy to say that I'm definitely on my way of becoming a typical suburban house wife. Wonder if I'd be able to get a gorgeous gardener to do my lawn. Lol.

There has also been positive development in the weight department. I've successfully managed to squeeze into my favourite Dorothy Perkin's jeans. It's still a little tight but at least I could buckle and zip it up nicely. I even wore it out the whole day today without collapsing from shortness of breath. Yay. Tried it on a few month ago and it was a losing battle for me in trying to get it past my thighs. Lol. Still feeling a little apprehensive about trying my low cut MNG jeans due to my love handles. I'd probably give it a couple more month before I attempt getting into that one. I'm taking little baby steps in my weight loss program. Lol.

I've been considering about going back to school. Although my background is MassComm, I'm thinking about venturing into a whole new area. After having the children, I no longer feel inclined towards PR. My priorities have changed and am looking into taking up a Diploma in Early Childhood Education. I've always wanted to go into teaching but somehow, things just didn't turn out that way. I'm seriously considering to do it after Mika turns one. Hubby is being very supportive about this recent development and I'm quite excited by the whole idea. Although I've sort of made my mind about where to do it, I'm still keeping my option open and looking around about other part time courses offered by various local universities and private colleges. God knows where I'll be able to fit it in between my already hectic schedule, but where's there's a will, there's a way. :)

Beside the lack of breathing space and always falling asleep even before my head hits the pillow, everything else is going on smoothly. I can't wait till everything goes back to normal but after 2 kids, I've discovered I haven't a clue to what normal means. Lol.