Friday, April 30, 2010

In the wake of life without FV and CW

I had 3 generous slices of homemade cheese cake today. I really should feel wrecked with guilt, but I'm in mourning! It's been 2 whole days since I've last been able to fully access Farmville and Cafe World. Facebook just doesn't feel as alluring to me without these 2 applications. Maybe it's time I make a break from Facebook and return back to the real world. (Cue in kids screaming and husband complaining of hunger)*Gasp* I need, need, NEED escapism. Oh wait..I still do have a way out! "Hello Blogger. Long time no see! Missed ya!"

Sarah has lost her first tooth! She got mad at me today as I had accidently thrown it away. Well, serves her right for putting it in a bowl in her room when I had specifically told her to put it in her jewellery box for safekeeping. It was her first was so minuscule, you can't blame me for not noticing it. I did feel bad for her, but not bad enough to rummage through 2 days worth of trash (saving the trash for the cleaner tomorrow, gotta get my 130dirham worth! hehehe). She cried and was quite upset. She was looking forward to putting it underneath her pillow for the tooth fairy. Gosh, can't get rid of this guilty feeling. Perhaps another helping of cheese cake might do the trick. :P

Hana is a little typhoon. I think among my 3 children, she might be the messiest. Maybe because with her I am less uptight about keeping things neat and orderly in my quest to allow her the space to explore and discover. I can't believe how this little body could turn the entire house inside out in a split of a second. What is more amazing is that I have the patience to restrain myself from blowing the roof off from all the mess. Oh yeah...i had Facebook and FarmVille to distract me all this while. I have a feeling that things are gonna be different tomorrow. Uh oh..

Mika is thriving in school. He's changed so much since he entered school. He is however, still the annoying little sweetheart that everyone is so fond of. When he first started school, I was really worried at his inability to speak the english language well. Little would I know that now when I speak to him in Malay, he'll just stare at me stupefied like I've turned into some kind of strange alien. My boy doesn't understand Malay! It's important for a child to be able to speak his mother tongue...I'm constantly reminding myself to speak Malay so he would have a better grasp of his own language. Translating every single word I say to him isn't my most favourite thing to do as it is tedious and time consuming. After all, I have another 2 children to attend to.

I love my kids to bits...but I think I'll have that fourth slice of cake simply because I'm a mom of three so I deserve it! Sorry thighs...not! :P

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Happy 40th.

Shame on me. Shame on me for neglecting my blog. The truth is, I just have nothing to blog about these days. Well, I could just go on and on about my darling little Hana but that's the thing, I could gush all day long about her little accomplishments but I've done it before with Sarah and Mika. Writing about Hana's milestones just feels like groundhog day to me. Guess this could be one of the cons of being a 3xmom.
So what am I going to write about? I know...I'll write about my dear sweet hubby!!
Hubby had just celebrated his 40th a couple of days ago. Wow! The big four oh. Wonder how he feels? During our dating days when I was still a sweet young thang (I still am btw or more like I'd like to think that I still am...nvm what other says, IMO denial IS a good thing :P) I used to joke about how much older is than me. Hubby and I are 7 years apart and at 19, I used to say that when you're an old man of 40, I would be a hot 33 year old. When I said that, I had envisioned a 30 year old Madonna. I thought I'd be a smoking hot woman child!
Now, 14 years later, while Madonna still looks exactly the same; to describe me as hot is far fetched unless you're talking about my temper and the only thing childish about me are the 3 kids I gave birth to. Hubby too looks every inch his age, receding hair,pot-bellied and all; just as I had imagined him to be 14 years ago. What I hadn't expected was that he'd still be as adorable as I first met him. :))
Happy 40th baby. I love you more than I can ever say & more than you can ever know.