Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I've decided to go on hiatus from my blog for awhile so I can catch up with a lot of things that I've been missing out.

Somehow or rather I've been feeling overwhelmed lately and haven't been able to find the time to do things I enjoy when I'm on the net like blog hopping, reading up about anything & everything and YM-ing with my buddies.

I really missed curling up in bed while reading a good book or just enjoying a good DVD. And it's been awhile since I last dine in a nice restaurant and wonder aimlessly in a park or a shopping mall.

These days I just feel rushed when I'm on the net and moderating the forum is starting to take its toll and become burdensome. It's so burdensome that lately I've been suffering from a huge writer's block and this effects my will to write. I don't get that kick I usually get from writing.

So I've decided that I'll be taking a month long hiatus from blogging to sort myself out while catching up from the things I've been missing. It'll be good to break away for awhile while recollecting all my thoughts and ideas.

However, this isn't the last of me. But for the time being...au revoir.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Siti to Wed Datuk K.

By now everyone has surely heard that Malaysia's sweetheart Siti Nurhaliza will wed prominent businessman Datuk Khalid Mohammad Jiwa. Her story even made it to the front page beating the news on the recent Tsunami in Java. Yup, here, Siti is bigger than a dreaded tidal wave.

As a moderator of a particular forum, I have a responsibility to remain impartial despite whatever personal views I may have. It frustrates me to see all the bashing done by forumers towards Siti upon the news of her nuptuals. Honestly, I'm not a fan and I don't even own a single album or song for that matter. But it saddens me that there are bitter, spiteful people out there. And to make things worst, these people are feeling bitter, spiteful and resentful to a woman they don't even personally know.

Rumors has it that Siti is the person responsible for the divorce of Datuk K & his ex-wife. They have branded Siti as 'husband snatcher', 'gold digger' and other deragotary terms. Ok, the thing is Siti may or may not have caused the breakup but I am a firm believer of the saying 'a good woman is meant for a good man and a bad woman is meant for a bad man'. So if perhaps Siti did steal this man from his wife, and this man is horrible enough to dump his wife for a and I quote IMMomsDaughter 'an SYT', well all I've got to say on behalf of the jilted wife is good riddance. You deserve better than the likes of that lecherous man you called husband.

But Siti could be innocent. She could be just a naive girl who fell in love with an older man. Just give her the benefit of the doubt. Doesn't it matter that one way or another she deserves to be happy. I believe everyone deserves to be happy regardless. And to me Siti was lucky enough to find the love of her life even if he is a middle age divorcee with 4 kids in tow.

I hate the spite and the resentment that is going on. Why can't people just resign to fate and offer their best wishes instead? It's truly frustrating to just keep mum when people are being malicious to another person.

Ok, what about the jilted wife one may ask? Well, what about her? She's affluent, she's got really good connection, she's got the looks and yes she may not have the love of her life but if that love of her love did stray and cheat on her...I feel she is better off without him anyway. A man who betrays the trust of a love one in my opinion is a person we are better off without.

So lets not fight among ourselves and stoop down to name calling and character bashing. Lets think the best out of the person instead of focusing on all the negativity.

Unless it's the moron who ruined my hair that is. ;) LOL.

Friday, July 14, 2006

The Best Moment of My Life

As I was breastfeeding my boy on the bed while keeping an eye on my daughter splashing about in the bathroom, I glanced at a portrait of hubby & me on our wedding day hanging on the wall and I thought to myself that was the best moment in my life.

Then I asked myself was that really the best moment in my life?

My mind drifted to back when I was a little girl, at the time we were in Minneapolis and I was straddling those McDonalds' character rides with my brother and other friends and back then I thought that was the best moment in my life.

Then I remembered this one time when I was younger, just watching my parents getting ready for their big night out to celebrate their wedding anniversary, just the two of them. My father was never more handsome and my mom was absolutely gorgeous. They looked so happy and so much in love, and even then I thought that was the best moment in my life.

I went on to recall the time I was 14 and had lost a whopping 14kg. My father was so excited for me and took me shopping. He was the one going crazy in the store telling me to try this dress and that. I was so happy to see him so proud of me, and I thought that was the best moment in my life.

Then memories of watching my mom smile and joke with me for the first time after almost a year of watching her grieve over the death of my father and I thought that was the best moment of my life.

I remember feeling proud that I got exceptionally good result for SPM despite my partying ways and I thought that was the best moment in my life.

I remember falling in love for the first time and at that time could see me spending the rest of my life with him and I thought that was the best moment in my life.

The image of me donning my stewardess uniform and accepting my cabin crew certificate upon course completion came into my mind and I thought that was the best moment of my life.

I recalled the moment I realized that I was in love with this man who was destined to be my husband and I thought that was the best moment in my life.

Then I saw myself cycling in beautiful Salzburg with the mountains as my backdrop and back then I thought that was the best moment in my life.

The day of my graduation while I was receiving congratulatory hugs & kisses from my husband, my mother & my step father and secretly knowing that I had a two month baby inside of me, I thought that was the best moment in my life.

And now, as I watch my son feed, my daughter happily splashing away and squealing in delight in the bathroom and the portrait of both hubby and me beaming on our wedding day and I'm thinking, this is definitely the best moment in my life.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Haircut Mishap

I'm sad. I'm angry. I'm upset. I'm furious. I'm devastated. I'm livid. All because of a haircut gone wrong. The one time in my life that I actually cried over a bad haircut.

I went to get a long overdued haircut last Saturday. My decision to go to a different hairdresser rather than going to the one I'm more used to proved to be a big, huge and fat mistake. Almost fatal.

I wanted a bob. A long shoulder hair bob. With a little fringe. I told that to the hairdresser and even showed a picture of Nicole Ritchie's hairstyle. But when I finally looked up from the April issue of Bazaar, I discovered horror upon horror. I had layers, short layers instead!

The stupid moron gave me short hair instead. Layered short hair. I sat there fuming, listening to all those stupid moron trying to convince me that layers are good for me. My hair is thick and layers will reduce the volume they say. Well...no one asked for your oppinions! I wanted a long, shoulder hair bob. Which part of that said short layers?

My new hairstyle will require me to blow style my hair every single time I want to look presentable to the world. I've had this hairstyle before. And the myth of short hair being relatively easy to manage than long hair is just that...a myth.

I definitely gave that moron with the scissors a piece of my mind.

Me: "Look at this picture (I shoved the picture of Nicole Ritchie almost up her nose). Does it look the same?!!!"

Moron: "This one got layers mah"

Me: "Do I look blind?! I wanted it all the same length. I don't want layers! Short layers are hard to maintained. And with 2 kids, when will I find the time to blow myhair?!"

Moron: "Layers look nicer"

Me: "Then why dont you come to my house every single morning just to blow my hair?!!"

Moron: Stood there in silence.

Me: "Next time listen, look properly. Now what am I going to do with my hair?!"

Moron: "But now ths is the trend mah.."

Me: "I don't care! I've had this hairstyle (I did, during my stewardess days and even then I hated it. Now I loath it.) It's too hard too maintain."

Moron: "No lah. Easy to maintainlah."

Me: "You think I'm stupid? I told you I've had this hairstyle before!"

Moron: "Yes aah?"

Me: "That's why I want long bob. Easier."

Moron: "You're hair too thick for bob. Not very nice."

Me: "I've had bob hairstyle so many times now. I know it looks okay on me."(From the day I joined MAS, I was told by the stylist to stick to bob hair which I religiously did throughout my flying career except that one time when everyone had that stupid Rachel/Jennifer Aniston hairstyle craze and I had to make it much, much shorter due to company's requirements and ended up hating it every single day till it grew out.)

Moron: "Yes aah?"

Me: "Yes! Now it looks like a damn helmet! And there's nothing I could do about it!"

Moron: "You do rebonding meh... and then easier to maintain."

Me: "No way am I doing it here!!!!"

And with that I stood up and walked out. I jut had to walk out because I was so tempted to stab that woman with a scissor. I almost threw the money in the cashiers face.

As I was about to go into the car, I felt my blood boil over again and I reentered the saloon. I called for the manager and told him. "Please do not hire deaf and blind people to cut hair. Look at what your staff has done to my hair. This was not what I had asked for. I told her what I wanted and showed her a picture but obviously she was neither listening or looking. It's just not right for someone to make a mistake with someone's hair and just go ooops. My hair is horrible and it's all your fault!"

And then I noticed that the whole store went awfully quiet. Everyone was looking at me. I turned around and stormed out. Never to return...forever!

I'm so pissed off. Luckily my hair grows really fast but for right now, I guess hairclips are the way to go. I'm cursing that moron. May she be a kuli for the rest of her life. Damn her. B****!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Where's My Mail?

I'm so annoyed. It's been almost a week and I still can't access my Inbox at yahoo. Don't know what's the matter. Everytime I log in, the compose mail setting will immediately appear. I can't get to Inbox at all. How irksome.

Maybe I should go back to my TM.Net account...oh no, I haven't renewed my subscription, so that's out. Should've taken up that Google invitation that I had recieved. Sigh...If I still can't access my mail, I'm definiety opening another email account & rid myself with the old one. I hate being forced to change something I'm so comfortable with. :(