Friday, February 24, 2006

To Induce or Not To Induce? That Is The Question...

Hubby and I have both decided to not proceed with induced labour but after a few days of coming to that decision, I still find myself contemplating about it. I guess it's more of convenience than necessity. Hubby wants to be around for the birth, but his AL only begins on the 9th and any day before that date, he would obviously be out of the country.

I on the other hand am worrying about DD. If I go into labour when Hubby's not around, who's gonna keep an eye on her? I've no maid, both my parents and lil sis are working and my big bro? Forget about him...he's too unreliable to even look after himself.

I've been reading up on induced labour and most of the articles and the experienced moommies over at MMB recommends it if there is some sort of possible threat of medical complications like pre eclampsia and diabetes. Since I have none of those, most of the articles tells me to just be patient and let it happen naturally. Yeah, yeah...easier said than done. However, when I read about the dangers of inducing labour, I think perhaps it is wiser for me after all to just let nature take its course.

I also did come across natural ways to induce labour like long walks and sex. Since sex is out of the question...dunno why but I can only have sex when I feel sexy and when one looks like the Blue Hyppo's younger sister...definitely NOT sexy! So, sorry to tell you bootilicious hubby, celibate you must be and adultery is NOT an option.

Hmm, that leaves me with the long walks...maybe I should do just that and if by Monday that doesn't work...guess inducing labour is just the way to go.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Come Out Please!

Enough is enough...Baby, I love you so and am so eager to hold you in my arms, so...PLEASE GET OUT OF ME NOW! GET OUT! GET OUT! GET OUT!

I truly HATE this part of the pregnancy stage. The waiting, the anticipation, the unknown...Jeez, why can't babies just make appointments when they've decided that they've had enough of womb time? Wouldn't life be so much more simpler? No need to lug the hospital bag everywhere you go. No need to worry whether your water bag will burst everytime you take a leak. No need to worry if what you're feeling is either contractions or just the need to do number two. No need to try and figure out everytime you decide to clean the house stems out of responsibility or the so called nesting instinct. And in addition to that, knowing for sure how much longer you have to endure your every 45 minutes toilet rendezvous.

And the heat! The slightest move makes me sweat like a horse. Hubby and my dear girl are all going tippy toes around me. They're probably afraid that their sudden move will just trigger me into my wrath mode. Heck, if you still manage to sweat like a horse clad in only your birthday suit, you tell me if that won't spark you into severe grumpiness? My mood these days is like the weather. Literally. If it's cool, than I'm cool. If it's scalding out there, just run for your life.

And another thing, I just can't stand being so huge any longer. Anyone who says that there is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman have really no sense of taste. Either that, or needs eye surgery desperately. Trust me, there is nothing beautiful about a woman who looks like a crossbreed between a seacow and a hippo.

Baby, please...please..please come out. Mommy's really had enough of pregnancy. I swear, judging by all the kicking and punching that I'm experiencing from the baby right now...he is truly throwing himself one long wild party in there. Hmm, the longer he parties, the more I'm considering of grounding him once he comes out. Whenever that is...*sigh*

Friday, February 17, 2006

Sarah Talks (part 2)

Sarah will be turning 3 soon but she still can’t speak properly. I mean she can speak and be understood but sometimes there is still traces of some baby talk in between her sentences. One has to guess and look out for keywords to figure out what she is trying to say. I can’t wait till she can properly express herself, but on the other hand I know I’ll miss all her gibberish.

Here are Sarah’s version of the lyrics of all her favourite songs.

Twinkle Little Star

Kinkle, kinkle ‘il aah
How wa wa wa oooh ooh are
Up bove bove the wah wah hah
Like a men err ooh aah

Old McDonald had a Farm

Oh men men men aah farm
And a dog, dog there
And a dog, dog there
And a horse, horse there
And a horse, horse there
And a cow, cow there
And a cow, cow there
And a quack, quack there
And a quack, quack there
E I E I Oooooooooh!

Counting Rhyme
One, Two , Tee, Foh, Fai
Once I O’ err ee a why
Six, Sefen, Eight, Nan, Ten
Then I ate ee gagain

Why did ooo ate ee soh?
Becoz et et et finger soh
Which finger it it white?
This eel finger right right right. least she got most of the initial words right. On the flip side, I think all the French lessons I took when I was pregnant with her has sinked in. It’s nice to know that at least one of us profited from that class. Hehehe. :P

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sarah Talks

My princess is actually talking. I'm quite amazed with her vocab these days and to add, she is one polite, soft-spoken girl. Who would have thought she'd turn out that way??? I'm loud, Hubby's loud, her Nan's loud, her Yeyyi is also loud...must take after Atuk. he's so quiet we hardly even notice him around the house...poor thing.

However, although my precious may seem soft spoken and polite, don't be mistaken, she still has her mummy's spunk. She's got this attitude thing going on as well. This was what our conversation was last night.

(Sarah's watching TV)
Daddy: Sarah, give me the remote, I want to change the channel...
Sarah: No thanks, Daddy.
Daddy: Huh?
Moi: Sarah, amik remote and let daddy watch the TV, it's his turn and it's time for tidoq.
Sarah: No thanks mummy.
Moi: Sarah, no more TV...time to uci (brush teeth) and tidoq...
Moi: Sarah, You've had enough of TV...jom tidoq!
Sarah: Emm...lagi satu mummy? Please?
Moi: No lagi satu.
Sarah: Thank you mummy, I love you.


Friday, February 10, 2006

Rest & Relax

Finally...I get to have some good ole R&R. Hubby has taken the lil' princess on an outing by LRT and Monorail to Berjaya Times Square. Sarah seems really excited about the outing and when I spoke to her a short while ago, she just couldn't stop gushing about trains. How adorable.

Hubby had work yesterday so he decided to take the car instead of using the unreliable company transport. On the way back, hubby had a little crash and now the car's a wreck.

Although glad that hubby isn't hurt, I can't help but feel really pissed about the whole incident. Time and time again I've told the man that his flying license doesn't qualify him as lord of the road. Since he's flying off to Sydney tomorrow, I've no choice but to move in with my mom for a little while. At least at my mom's place there are a few extra cars, although one particular car doesn't resemble a car, at least it can move.;)

In addition to that, hubby hasn't been spending much time with both Sarah and I. He’s been out every night, hanging out with his friends till the wee hours of the morning. I guess he’s taking advantage of the fact that carrying these extra 18kg, I’m just too tired to utter a word of protest about his rendezvous. And now with the car crash, he feels extra guilty that he can’t take us out. I still haven’t said a word to him, but I have a feeling he got the drift when I answer all his questions with an ‘I told you so’ withering stare. Seems to be working. I have never seen him more apologetic and so eager to please. Well, the ‘look’ definitely works better than hours of babbling and nagging.

So today, he figured to make up to me, he decided to take Sarah out on train rides so I can have just sit back and relax. It’s great not to have to worry about the messy house, what to cook, preparing milk and snacks and nap time. Been spending the whole day in front of the PC playing Bookworm. This is definitely my idea of leisure. :D

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

35 weeks and 4 days pregnant. Another 31 days to go!

I went for my pre-natal check-up last Saturday. Spent almost 4 hours waiting for my turn to see my ob-gyn. Luckily I slept over at my mom’s so I was able to leave Sarah behind with both her Nana and Atuk. It was a really, really long wait that I even manage to finish reading an entire book cover to cover. Seems that because of CNY, my doc was the only one available and had to attend to the other doctors’ patients. It didn’t help that several of those doctors’ patients went into labor that very day.

Anyway, as usual went to see the doc, did the usual blood pressure check, Q&A and the awaited ultrasound. According to my EDD, I am actually 35 weeks along so it was quite a surprise to me that according to the ultrasound, the guesstimation of the baby’s weight is at 3.4kg! Whoa…that is definitely a scary prospect for me.

When I gave birth to Sarah, her birth coincided with my EDD (yup, I am proud to say that I am among the 5% of women who actually delivered according to her EDD). At full term, Sarah only weighed 3.15kg. It was a relatively easy birth for me (compared to the horror stories told by all my other friends). Experienced only 7 hours of labor pain and manage to go thru the whole process without the assistance of the much sought after epidural.

So its quite horrifying for me when the doctor tells me that if I gave birth right now, the baby would be considered premature however, at what is considered a premature age, the baby still is almost 3 kg heavier than Sarah. That is 3 packs of sugar heavier than Sarah mind you. Now considering that I have at least another 3-4 weeks to go…I had better not gain any more weight because I can only imagine how scary it is to give birth to a 4 kilo baby! I’ve set my target at a maximum of 3.5 kg. So I had better watching my diet from this day forward. The baby’s head is already at 9cm and when I’m fully dilated I’d be at 10 cm so any bigger than that…I guess I won’t be able to sit down for weeks. Boo hoo.

Honestly, regardless of what other people say, although a miraculous experience, one can’t help but to feel daunted at the prospect of actually giving birth to another human being. I’ve been told that my pain threshold is quite high…but for one who has a high tolerance for pain, I’m still scared out of my mind of the actual act of labor. *Sigh* The things a woman must go thru…

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Surprise Party!

I can't believe it. I seriously did manage to pull it off. Hubby's 36th surprise birthday party was a success after all. I should have caught his befuddled look on camera when he saw all his friends gathering around waiting for him. And when he got out of the car and walked towards us while everyone was singing Happy Birthday so loudly, he actually looked quite bashful it was really, really cute!:D

I owe it to our good friend Joe for getting hubby out of the house with some fabricated love triangle story, Farah's sister Nadia, and my wonderful sis Sherly for helping me arrange the chairs, tables and what nots in a jiffy, my wonderful momma who'd manage to bring all the food here on time and last but not least, all our friends and family who had manage to show up and kept my whole plan under wraps. Thank you each and everyone of you.

Hubby got a bit baffled when a few people who couldn't make it suddenly called to wish him happy birthday. I felt like wringing those people's neck but had to pretend that I was equally puzzled. Anyway, the surprise party was the last thing on his mind and he really did enjoy my gift after all. I'm really glad. However, this must be stated...This will be the last time EVER that I'll organize a surprise party. It's just too much hard work...:P. Now looking back, I should have just gotten him the Jabra bluetooth after all...would've saved me some serious $$$. ;)