Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Goofy vs Pluto

I was watching Mickey Mouse and Friends with my girl the other day. As we were watching she started asking me questions.

Sarah : Mummy, what's that? (Pointing at Mickey Mouse)
Me : That's a mouse.
Sarah : Ooh.

Sarah : Mummy, what's that? (Pointing at Donald Duck)
Me : That's a duck. Quack quack.
Sarah : Ooh.

Sarah : What's that mummy? (Pointing at Pluto)
Me : That's a dog. Woof woof.
Sarah : (Giggles) Ooh. Woof woof.

Sarah : Mummy, what's that? (Pointing at Goofy)
Me : Err...that's..that's a dog.
Sarah : Dog? No..that dog. (Pointing at Pluto again) Dog woof woof mummy.
Me : I know, but that's also a dog. A big dog.
Sarah : This one no woof woof mummy. (Pointing at goofy)
Me : *sigh* Entahlah Sarah. I don't know what that is. Wait for daddy okay? We'll ask daddy.

I haven't a clue on how to explain to a 3 year old why one dog can talk and the other can't. Got any ideas?

What Sarah Wants to Be

Been rather busy lately planning Sarah's upcoming birthday party...or rather, upcoming belated birthday party. The poor thing has to wait almost a whole month to celebrate her birthday. Poor dear. Well, we couldn't help it...hubby's roster just did not permit it. Now, since it's a costume party, there's this question of what the birthday girl should wear. The reason I came up with this whole costume party idea was so I could dress her up as an elaborate fairy tale princess. I mean that's the fun part of having a girl right? You get to dress her up. But stubborn gal has ideas of her own.

I told her that on the day of her party, she gets to dress up as a beautiful princess. Sarah thought for a while and told me,

Sarah : Nanak princess mummy.(No princess mummy)
Me : Huh?
Sarah : Sarah nanak be princess. Sarah nak Sosoman.(Sarah does not want to be princess, sarah wants superman.)

What the...? I kept insisting that she becomes something more feminine, but my adamant daughter refused to budge. *Sigh* So Superman it is.

A week later, she came up to me and told me,

Sarah : Mummy, Sarah nanak sosoman. (Mummy, Sarah doesn't want superman.)
Me : If Sarah nanak Superman, Sarah be pretty princess lah. (Hoping...hoping for her to say yes)
Sarah : No.
Me : Darn it.( muttering under my breath)
Sarah : No princess mummy. Sarah nanak princess, Sarah nanak sosoman.
Me : Habis tu?(Then what?)
Sarah : Sarah nak coyboy.(cowboy)
Me : Hmmm...ok Sarah. *sigh*

So a few days after that, I went to a costume website to show her what her costume might look like. She was really excited about being a cowboy until she saw a Darth Vader costume.

Sarah : Mummy, Sarah wants this! (Sarah said pointing at the costume.)

At this point, I really started wondering...did I really give birth to a girl? Lol.

Me : Sarah, this is for boys, you are a girl. Sarah be princess lah. (Small try from me.)
Sarah : NO! Sarah nak be ghost! (Pointing to Darth Vader.)

So Darth Vader she shall be. *sigh*

3 days ago, Sarah ran up to me.

Sarah : Mummy! Mummy! Sarah nak be snowman. Sarah wear hat. Sarah wear neck (I presume she means scarf), Sarah wear nose (carrot perhaps?)

Make up your mindlah little girl...

Me : "Okay..." (I answered defeatedly.)

Hubby arrived from Paris this morning. I told him that we've got to start looking for a snowman costume.

Hubby : I thought she was going to be a princess?
Me : Nope. At first she wants to be Superman, then she wanted to be a cowboy, after that Darth Vader, now she wants to be a snowman.
Hubby : No princess huh? (Hubby smirked at me.)

Then hubby had an idea. He told me that he saw this most adorable Red Indian Girl costume at Mothercare in London and since he'll be going next week, mybe he ought to get that. And it only cost 10pounds where else costumes here are anything around RM100 to RM200. "It's not too girly, she'll love it!" Hubby exclaimed.

Hubby then broke the news to Sarah.

Hubby : Sarah, for your party, Daddy will get you a Red Indian costume. You can be a little red indian with a bright feather in your hair! Owoowoowoo!
Sarah : Hmmm.....Nanak red indian. Sarah nak pieyette. Sarah nak Capstan Fewwosod!(Sarah wants Captain Feathersword of the Wiggles.)

Oh we go again.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Colic and Periodically Irritable Crying

If there are mothers out there, who are dealing with colicky babies, here’s something to help you out. I got this from Dr. Benjamin Spock’s Baby & Childcare. The man’s a god sent. Who says babies doesn’t come with a manual? Lol.

Three month colic and ‘periodically irritable crying.’ In this section I am describing 2 somewhat similar conditions that may be related to each other. The first is colic (sharp pains in the intestines.) The baby’s abdomens becomes distended with gas, they pull or stiffen their legs, scream piercingly, and may pass gas by rectum. The second I call “periodic irritable crying.” These babies, even though they have plenty to eat, cry miserably for several hours at one regular time of the day without definite signs of pain or gas. They may be pacified as long as you hold them and carry them about. One baby has colic, another has irritable crying, a third seems to have a mixture. The 2 conditions may be related to each other, because both commonly starts around 2 to 4 weeks of age and are usually over by the time the baby is about 3 month old. Both conditions cause trouble most often during the evenings or late afternoon.

The commonest story is this: The baby was said to be well behaved and quiet in the hospital, but a few days after going home she suddenly has a crying spell that lasts for 1 to 4 hours straight. The parents change her, turn her over, give her a drink of water, but nothing works for long. After a couple of hours, the parents wonder if she is hungry ahead of time, because she is trying to get everything into her mouth. The parents warms up a bottle and she takes it eagerly at first, but before it’s finished she lets go and cries again. The screaming often continues for the full 4 hour interval between feedings. After she has finished her next regular bottle, she may be miraculously relieved.

Lots of babies have just a few attacks scattered through the early month. At the other extreme is the infant who has trouble every night until 3 month old. In a rare case severe colic can last up to 6 month.

Some babies are very regular about their colic or irritable crying. They sleep like angels after every feeding but one. Other babies spread their unhappiness through a longer period. The crying of colic most often begin after feeding, sometimes right after, sometimes half an hour later. In this way it is different from the crying of a hungry baby, which usually occur before the feeding.

Parents are distressed to have their baby so unhappy and think that something is terribly wrong. They wonder how long the child can keep this up and not become exhausted. They wonder how long they can it. The strange thing is that colicky and irritable babies usually proper from the physical point of view. In spite of hours of crying, they continue to gain weight, not just average-well but better than average. They are hungry babies. They gulp down their whole feeding and always seem to demand for an increased amount.

When a baby turns colicky, a mother’s first thought is apt to be that the feeding is wrong. If he is on breast, she thinks its her milk to blame. If he is on formula, she wonders if it needs a fundamental change. It is plain to see that the quality of the feeding is not the main cause of colic. Otherwise why should the baby be able to digest it perfectly 4 out of 5 feedings a day, and get into trouble only in the evenings? Colic occurs with breast milk, with cow’s milk and with all kinds of formulas.

We don’t know the basic cause of colic or irritable crying. One guess is that both conditions are due to a periodic tension in the babies immature nervous system. Some of these babies are hypertonic all the time. The fact the trouble is commonest in the evening or late afternoon suggest that fatigue plays a part. Many babies up to the age of 3 month are on edge just before they fall asleep. Instead of being able to slip peacefully off, they must at least let out a few piercing cries.

The Treatment of Colic
The most important thing is for both parents to recognize the condition is fairly common, that, on the contrary, it occurs most often in babies that are developing and growing well, and that it’s probably be gone by the time the baby is 3 month old, if not before, leaving the child none the worse for wear. If the parent can accept the condition in a fairly calmed and resigned way, the battle is half won.

Some colicky baby (the hypertonic ones) seems to be definitely better when they lead quiet, calm lives – sleeping in a quiet room, being handled slowly & gently, being talked to softly, not seeing any visitors (at least closely), not being tickled and roughhoused in any way, avoiding noisy places outdoors and perhaps in some rare cases, not going outdoors at all until the condition improves. The colicky baby, like others, must have company and cuddling and be smiled at, but it can be done gently. It is important to get the air bubble up after feedings.

Colicky babies are usually more comfortable on their stomach. They may get more relief still by being laid across the mother’s or father’s knees or a hot water bottle, and rubbed on the back.

Hot water bottle. You should be able to rest the inside of your wrist against the hot water bottle without discomfort. Then, as an extra precaution, wrap it in a diaper or towel before laying the baby against it or half on it.

Should you pick babies up, or rock them gently or carry them around while they have their colic? Even if it makes them stop crying, won’t it spoil them? We aren’t scared nowadays of the danger of spoiling babies as we used to be. If babies are comforted when they are miserable, they usually don’t go on demanding that comfort when they are not miserable.

It’s hard on the parents of a fretful, hypertonic, colicky or irritable babies. She may be soothed when you first pick her up. But after a few minutes, she’s apt to be screaming harder than ever. She thrashes with her arms and legs. She not only refuses to be comforted-she acts as if she is angry at you for trying. You feel increasingly in adequate because you are not able to do anything to relieve her.

But many parents get worn out and frantic listening to a baby cry. It is particularly difficult for mothers if she is with the baby constantly. She should make a great effort to get away from home and the baby for a few hours once or twice a week. It’s best if both parent can go out together. If you’re like most parents, you’ll hesitate to do this. “Why should we inflict the baby on somebody else? Besides we’re nervous being away from the baby for so long.” But you shouldn’t think as a vacation like this as a treat for you. It’s very important for you, for the baby, and for your spouse that you do not get exhausted and depressed. If you can’t get anyone to come take care of the baby, the parents can take turn once a week to go out and see a movie. The baby doesn’t need 2 worried parents to listen to her.

Try also to get friends to come in and visit you. Remember that everything that helps you keep a sense of balance, everything that keeps you from getting too preoccupied with the baby, helps the baby and the rest of the family in the long run.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

BKI with Love.

Kota Kinabalu or BKI, will always hold a special place in my heart. I've so many happy memories there. It's where I started my life. I was posted there to operate both the 737 & Fokker routes throughout Sabah and Sarawak.

I remember going to BKI with only RM400 in my hand but full of anticipation and excitement. Even then, I knew it was going to be a life changing experience. And it was. BKI had made me who I am today. I'm positive, if I didn't go to BKI, today I'd be today's average superficial and supercilious person. In BKI, I learned that it's not what you wear or what you do that counts. It's who you are is what really matters. And I hold that with me till today.

During my stay in BKI, I had made some life long friends, had the best conversation of my life, learned to connect with people, learned about life, gained wonderful experiences and met my true love. It was so laid back there, there was no feeling of urgency whatsoever. The sky was always blue. The people always friendly. The scenery always beautiful. The day stretched forever. It felt like being in a dream.

If I could go back to one point in time to relive my life, I'd chose to start again from the time I was in BKI. It was where I felt truly free. It was where this once child woman actually became a full fledged grown up. KK, you have my everlasting love. You'll always be my home away from home.

Monday, May 22, 2006

An eyeful a day keeps the doctors away.

Got this email today. The research studies that they do these days are getting more and more absurd. One would think that all these researchers and scientists have already found the cure for cancer and AIDS and now have nothing better to do with their time.

Yup, more reason for men to sit in front of their tube and ogle those baywatch babes prancing about the sandy beaches. Those lazy bums are definitely the epitome of good health. I've always thought Jabba the Hut is way sexier than Brad Pitt. *rolling eyes* Whatever will they think up next?

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Tag, Your It!

Was over at Mumsgather's blog and I found this very fascinating meme she came up with. So I'm tagging myself. Hehehe...MG, if ur reading this, I'm so impressed with this really fun meme of yours. Btw, I'm still absolutely amazed at your multitasking abilities. Lol. So here goes...

I AM a woman, hear me roar!
I JUST NOW went house hunting.
I WANT a house with large extra land
I HATE it when my house's a mess and the fact that I still can't fit into my skinny jeans
I MISS being 21
I FEAR of bumping into a significant person from my past
I HEAR the dryer churning away
I REGRET nothing
I AM NOT available
I SING when I'm happy and when I'm sad but most of all, I sing terribly
I CRY when I'm overwhelmed
I MADE 2 kids, with some help of course. ;)
I WRITE because I enjoy it
I CONFUSE myself for Angelina I wish!
I NEED a lot of new stuff
I SHOULD call my girlfriends more often
I START my day with a glass of water & smiles from my kids
I FINISH my day with a glass of water and screams from my kids
I TAG anyone else out there who is reading this!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Abuse by Maid

I've just received an e-mail containing a few pictures of a good friend's 3 year old niece after being 'bashed' by her maid of 1 and half years. According to my friend, when the mom came home, she saw her daughter just standing rigid at the door looking slightly confused and the maid was at another corner sobbing hysterically. The mother thought her daughter's face looked kind of amiss and when inspected and better lighting, she was shocked to find her daughter's face battered. The mother was panic stricken and questioned both daughter and maid. Both said it was an accident. The maid lost her temper and accidentally hit the little girl a little harder than expected. The daughter on the other hand assured her mother that everything's okay because the maid had apologized.

the child's eyes looked as if it had been punched. It was completely black and blue by the next day.

The father who had heard all the commotion while unloading the groceries abruptly stopped what he was doing and rushed into the house. When he saw what had happened to his daughter's face, he became enraged and gave the maid a genuine kungfu flying kick. He beat the crap out of the already terrified maid.

Apparently the little girl was behaving badly and the maid simply lost her cool (According to my friend the child is a little on the naughty side). She slapped the child 3 times but somehow, it was harder than she had anticipated. After her fit of rage, she was horrified to see what she had done and burst into tears.

according to the doctor, there was a little bleeding inside the child's eyes.

After the household calmed down and after careful deliberations, both party have decided that it would be better for the maid to return to her country. The family will not be pressing charges and considering that the child has always been quite attached to the maid, this would be for the best.

Hmm, I don't know. I admit that Sarah is quite the handful and most of the time drives me completely up the wall. She has had her share of beatings from me, but still, who in their right mind would afflict a child in such a way? Anyone sane would have enough common sense even in the fit of anger to spank a child where it would hurt less like the buttocks or the thighs which are fleshier, but the face? The maid should have just locked the child in a room. It would have been better for both of them. Now the maid will lose her job and the child will lose the guardian she has come to love.

When I hear of incidents such as this, I remind myself to be grateful and thankful that I have the opportunity to stay home to rear my young ensuring that they'll be out of harm's way. I should stop brooding about the career I might have had because at the end of the day, it's your family that you need the most.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Mother's Day wish.

Mother's Day has come and gone. As I've mentioned, this is my third year celebrating Mother's Day as a mother. It was spent like any other day. No prezzies for me this year simply because, I didn't ask for one. Hubby really needs to be more spontaneous...seriously. Anyway, he was appologetic (not appologetic enought in my books but wasn't in the mood to pick a fight so count himself lucky). Told him to just bring it forward to my birthday next month and get me a BIG present. I have one particular COACH handbag in mind...must remember to 'casually' show him this photo of the bag...hehehe.

Well, despite the lack of prezzies, I recieved a lot of Mother's Day wishes from friends and family. Most sent me the one liner "Happy Mother's Day" wish but a few sent me flowery hallmark (and not so hallmark wishes.) Here are among the more creative and memorable ones that I recieved.

"Mom is God's love in action. She looks with her heart and feels with her eyes. Mom is the cement that keeps her family together & her love lasts forever. Happy Mom's Day!"
What can I say but awww....

"How would you describe a mother? Mother's Day brings back memories of maternal advice and admonition. Congratulations. Happy Mother's Day to You!"
Couldn't agree more.:)

"Motherhood is tough 24 hour job. No pay. No day off. At times unappreciated and yet resignation is impossible. Hello good mom. Happy Mother's Day!"
You can say that again...

"A mother my hope that her daughter will get a better husband than she did. But she knows her son will NEVER get a wife as good as his father did. A salute to all mothers. Happy Mother's Day"
Haha! Hear hear...

"You all mothers, I pity you guys. That's why I'm not married just yet. I don't wanna say I told you so. What?!! I'm a mother too?!! Geez, I guess I'm having my amnesia attack again. Part and parcel of being a mom. Well, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO YOU!"
I thought this one was just plain weird.

And my favourite...
"Here's a big hug and a sweet kiss to a pretty mom. A very HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY from another pretty mom!"

Whatever will they think up next? :D

Sarah's Three!

It's Sarah's birthday today. I can't believe my little princess is already 3 years old. How time flies.(Not to mention that I'll be old & bent real soon.) She's growing up so fast. Too bad she had to spend her birthday cooped up at home. Poor little thing. We were planning to throw her a birthday party on the 27th but it had to be postponed because of a wedding we must attend and besides, most of my friends have all planned to go for that Picadilly Reunion thingy that has been the talk of all those has beens. Talk about trying to relive your youth.*rolling eyes*

Anyway, we're planning something big for Sarah. Haven't decided on the date yet, but hoping we could do it early June. Got to wait for hubby's roster which will only be out on the 25th. I'm really excited about the whole shebang. Will write about my plans later in the meantime, I'm tearing out my hair deciding on the caterer. Aargh!


Saturday, May 13, 2006

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

During my childhood days, I still remember how big a deal mother's day was in my household. Before the days we could actually afford to buy those 'Super Mom' mugs and Memory Lane cards, my late father would encourage us to make our own present for my mother. We'd save those few cents we had from our allowances to buy manila cards, paper grams and colour papers to make our own cards. As usual, it would usually be those cliche' giant heart card.

When I was a bit older, on one Mother's Day, my siblings and I planned to make my mom something really special. We thought of making her breakfast. I was to cook breakfast, my brother had to bake a cake and lil' sis..well, she was always the one with plenty of dough, so she gets to provide the $$$, made the card and set the table. The fried rice was burnt and since my smart brother decided to put milo into the cake and made milo icing so the cake turned out too sweet for anyone's liking. Lil' sis was the only one who got everything right (yup, and that later turned into her bad habit.) However, my mom claims to have loved it all and we were later rewarded with a trip to Shakey's Pizza for lunch at my dad's expense. Yay!

Mother's Day was very special indeed those days. I guess my dad had a lot to do with it. He's good in creating a buzz within our household so we the children would look forward to that day in order to do something special for mom.

These days, I'll just get her a present and come visit her on Mother's Day. I wonder where all the excitement of those days went? I really should do more for mom on Mother's Day. Celebrate the most wonderful woman in my life as if its our last. For all that my mom's done and all that she's been through, she really does deserve to celebrate Mother's Day with a big bang. Here's to the most greatest, bravest and wisest woman I've ever known, Happy Mother's Day Momma!!!

Wishing Happy Mother's Day to all the great moms out there. Whoopi! It's my 3rd mother's day celebration as a mom!

A Poem for Momma On Mother's Day

A poem just for my momma, specially created by me.

I sought for thoughts and memories
To describe exactly what you mean to me
For all you’ve done throughout the years
Mama, you are the person I hold so dear

You were my rock
When I should have been yours
Those confused years I created havoc
With me, you were patient and showed no remorse

And during those hard times you came out strong
Raising us kids all on your own
You were determined for success to take us along
Sacrificing all that you had with not even a groan

Always there in every time of need
With snacks and hugs both ready
Devoting so much for your kids
You were always so nurturing and steady

Your aim was always our happiness
Though some might have called it insane
You gave out everything in your purse
So all our dreams could be attained

As I matured, I have realized
That my girlish ways must come to an end
And as I reached towards womanhood
You became my confidant, my closest friend

You have sacrificed so much for us
Finding joy in all your children
Mama, you are an example to all of us
That a person can succeed regardless of the challenge

When life hands us something out of bound
Or situations are imprecise
It's nice to know that you're around
Always there with sound advice.

Though my love for you is so much more
Than a silly poem such as this
Know that my affections can be easily drawn
For you, in a simple gesture which is “Kiss Kiss”

So as I grow, and go through life
Always hold this bond with care
And Mama, if you ever need me in times of rife
Just know that I’m always, always there.

Happy Mother’s Day Mama

With Loads Of Love.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Men & Their Sweet, Young Things.

Hubby came home from flight the other day. Told me a 27 year old stewardess was hitting on his divorced 40 something Captain throughout the flight. (Ye ke? Just the captain? Hmmm) Anyway, hubby encouraged the captain to go for it, however he declined, citing that she was an old maid, too old for his liking. WHAT??? Old? In comparison to what? A 12 year old? Is this man some kind of paedophile? Euuuwww.

How old ought a woman be to be considered too old? I'd always thought that if you were 35 and above and still unmarried, then you may be considered an old maid. Apparently, these days, men are drawing the lines at 26 (at least the man within my circle that is). Every unmarried or recently divorced men that I've known so far are chasing the likes of women ranging from the age of 18 (which I personally think is barely legal)to 22 year olds. If you're 23 and haven't manage to snag these men, just consider that you've missed the boat.

No wonder successful 30 year old women can't find a mate these days. Equally successful men are all chasing the likes of 19 year olds. So they're left with a wide selection of unsuccessful younger men who needs to be taken care of. And appallingly, they settle for these rejects because I guess they feel that the companionship is better than being with nothing.

Hubby's divorced late 30 year old pal (lets just call him Mr. X)is scheduled to wed a 22 year old sweet, young thing end of this month. Mr. X is actually going to the end of the earth and to the moon and back to meet all of her demands. He is throwing her a combined lavish wedding ceremony(her sister is sharing the reception with her) all at his expense. Her parents aren't forking out a single cent. A diamond wedding ring as big as my daughter's eyeball. An RM800k house in her name. A 2 weeks honeymoon in some unpronounceable, exotic, remote island. And god knows what else. Hello? Wake Up and smell the coffee. Gold Digger Alert.

The thing is, why do these men put up with these sweet, young things? It is a well known fact that women within this age range are the ultimate drama queens. Yet, these men are willing to put up with their craps Why? Because these wee ones have breasts that defies gravity? Nope. Let me tell you why these sort of men won't go after older women. Because they're afraid that these older women would immediately smell out the miserable piece of shit of a man (pardon my french) that he really is inside, that's why. Enuff said.

Friday, May 05, 2006

About Flight Attendants & Toilet Cleaners

Went blog hopping and stumbled across Afdlin's Shauki's (the actor, comedian, director, producer and now writer) blog. I hate to appear as a star struck fan, because I'm not but man, can this guy write. Really enjoyed reading it. I'll definitely bookmark it.

Anyway just to bring up a matter which concerns him that I feel is close to my heart. The issue of MAFAA (Malaysia Airlines Flight Attendant Association) demanding him to apologize and retract the whole 'toilet cleaner' line contained in a scene of his latest movie.

Gosh, it's things like this that makes me ashamed to reveal that I was once a flight stewardess and proud of it too. I can't believe that this group of people who are supposedly 'worldly wise' are actually a bunch of uptight ninny's who can't laugh at themselves. I marvel on how they won best cabin crew when these people apparently don't have any sense of humor. Their so called winning smiles are probably of the wind up variety.

I read in NST that the MAFAA claims that they don't clean toilets because they have ground people to do it (talk about arrogance), they merely and I quote 'freshen up the toilets whenever a passenger have little accidents'. Duh. Same thinglah dorks. You just said "we clean toilets" in a more fancier way.

Seriously, just because you are able to utter a couple of English words and spent two weeks training on safety equiptments and how to evacuate an aircraft and a couple more days on how to perform CPR and first aids doesn't make you at par with other professionals. And let this be told, every year when these self declared professionals come in for their refresher course examination...more than half cheat through it.

I remember my first flight to London. A group of us went to dine at Malaysian Hall. A student there who had mistaken us for fellow students came up and asked to sit with us only to be told by a senior stewardess clad from head to toe in Versace (I thought she looked a bit tacky but since I was the most junior didn't dare to say a word) "I'm sorry we are all cabin crews, who are you to sit with us?" and laughed hysterically at her so called wittiness. I've never felt more embarrassed in my life, and that incident taught me a lot about the people of my profession. If your shallow and superficial, you stand a chance of lasting in this profession.

If I was asked what I missed most about flying, I'd say the people I meet on board. Not the people I work with but those flying as passengers. The Chinese Australian man with his sick mother, the deep sea photographer, the 'ham sap' hilarious datuk, the arrogant sheikh, the famous artist, the nervous first time flyer medic student, the old kampung folks on their way to perform umrah, the Indian workers whom seem so eager to go home to their loved ones, the royalties, the VIPs, it would be justified to say just about all sorts of people. The people that I have served all those years probably don't realize it but they have taught me a lot about humanity. That is what I missed most about flying, learning about people from all walks of life. Getting to be at exotic destinations is also another perk, hehehe.

Well, if I was given a chance to fly again, I'd definitely decline. I've seen everything there is to be seen. It's not for me anymore. That part of my life is definitely over. What I want to see is watching my children grow. Nothing can beat that thrill.

Little Naughty Sarah

I don't know if it's due to the presence of a competitor or it's just children at that age but lately I've been seing two sides to Sarah, one is Precious Princess and the other is Little Naughty Sarah. When I stayed over at my mom's for the last 3 weeks, I found that no one could keep up with my little 3 year old. I think after breaking countless of porcelain figurines, cds, cracking a glass table top and one chair belonging to the dining table not forgetting destroying one good bobbi brown bronzer, brushes, applicators and a couple of lipsticks, I swear I heard the sigh of relief from my mom's household as we were leaving for home.

Little Naughty Sarah is full of mischief. She'd wake the baby from his sleep, pinch the baby's ears, mess up the playroom, thrash the bedroom, scare the life out of me by climbing and jumping off the cabinets and couch's hand rest, destroying all my treasured books, drowning my plants with water, scribbling on the walls, taking everything out of the fridge like margerines and eggs and putting her toys instead and the list goes on and on and on. I think my lungs has expended due to all the screaming that I've done lately.

However, when I fly into a rage over her antics, she knows to quickly behave otherwise a spanking might come her way. It's when daddy's around that gets to me, she knows with daddy around, she can get away with murder. Aaargh, I hate it that hubby undermines me. He thinks I'm too fierce but doesn't he realize that I'm the one who is with her 24/7? That is one mischievious child I have there. Certainly doesn't take after me...I was an angel when I was little so it must be him. He too was a first child too so it's definitely him.

But then when hubby cannot tahan anymore with her behavior, he screams for me and then I come along, scold my little girl, she starts bawling, comes in hubby to console her. I end up looking like the bad guy yet again.

When I think Sarah isn't so fond of me anymore due to her perpetually getting scoldings and spanking from me, something happens like she falls or gets a cut and who does she call for under these circumstances? Me. Her mommy. And all's well again between us. Here I have my precious princess, my sweet baby girl in my arms that is till little naughty Sarah decides to emerge again. It's a vicious cycle. Haha!

Perhaps it is the mother daughter thing. When I was younger, I couldn't stand my mom. Both of us had this tendency of annoying each other. Today, I wouldn't know what I'd do without my mom. I'm just waiting for Sarah to outgrow this particular phase of hers. If this is what it's like during her terrible toddler stage. I dread for what is in store for me when she goes thru her adolescent stage.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Despite the permanent frown etched on his face, I find my baby boy absolutely beautiful. He may be slightly colicky, okay, who am I kidding, A LOT colicky, he is just simply irresistable. All I want to do is stare at his face for hours or just hold him in my arms all the time (which isn't such a good idea, due to his weight, I'm already suffering from serious backache). Did I feel this way about Sarah?

It's really weird, don't get me wrong I'm crazy about Sarah especially when she makes me laugh. But, I'm heads over heels about my boy. I love them both equally, yet the feeling for each child is different. Hmm, I really don't know how to explain it so I guess one has to be in my shoes to have the faintest idea of what I mean.

Although he sleeps a lot, the poor boy is suffering from colic. Anyway, with a baby this adorable, I have a feeling that my plans to return back to the workforce will once again be postponed or worse, thrown down the drain. How can I leave him? I could always express milk, but it would never be the same as direct feeding him. I've seen all the benefit of breastfeeding with Sarah and I think its unfair if I deprive my son from the goodness that his sister has had. Seems its SAHM for me all the way now.

Mika hardly smiles, but when he does, it is truly precious. Everyone keeps complaining that my son is one sour puss but when I'm alone with him, he does smile and coos and gurgles at me. I melt when he does this.One morning he woke for a nappy change and his 'fix'. After both were done, I was tired and wanted to go back to sleep when all of a sudden he started trying to communicate with me. It was really a endearing moment, so although I was exhausted, I gathered all my strength just to play coo and gurgle with him at 5am. So, so cute. Him I mean, not me. Nothing cute about an almost comatose looking woman.

Sarah rolled over when she was 2 and a half month and during her attempts she would always cry in frustration. Mika seems to be trying, but getting no where and looks like he couldn't be bothered by it either. son's one cool dude. Either that, or he is saving all his crying fits for his colicky periods. Sigh...they say colic will dissappear at 3 or 4 month. I can't wait for that to happen. The lack of sleep has started making turn to food instead, I guess since I 'm not getting sufficient amount of sleep, I'm relying on sugar to keep me going. Feels like I'm gaining the weight I've lost during confinement which would mean I'm back to square one. Haiyaa...that's RM1700 down the drains. Hired expensive confinement lady for nothing.

Anyway, I can't believe he's already 2 month old. Seems like it was only yesterday that he was travelling down my birth canals. *Ouch* Haha!

Home Sweet Home

I'm back from sabbatical. I was heading towards looney ville when my momma the hero sensed my distress and ordered me to finish off my confinement at her place which was what I should've done in the first place. Yup, I was one of those unfortunate people whom had to endure post natal blues or whatever it is that they call it. Hubby snapped at me one time and combining that with exhaustion, a colicky baby, a mischievious daughter, a messy house, a sore nipple, milk blisters and block milk ducts ignited a major crying fit that lasted one and a half day thus, my being banished to my mom's place where I spent 3 blissful weeks.

3 weeks was good come to think of it. My mom was actually retraining and preparing me on how to manage my days with two kids. Started out with her doing everything and towards the end, I find myself single handedly able to bath the kids, help my mom with the chores and brush up on my culinary skills.

Now that I'm back, everything seems to be so far so good. I'm a bit tired cleaning a house which was left unattended to for 3 whole weeks and basically establish my new household routine while doing hubby's massive laundry . The poor dear doesn't even have a single piece of boxer left and had no choice but to where a sarong. He looked like some character out of Lat's Kampung Boy cartoon haha! Thank goodness for my beloved dryer which I've missed the most, wash and dry clothes in a jiffy!

Despite the tiredness and multi tasking of chores and duties (not to mention the scary task of opening and reading my 200 emails which I'm yet to do), I must say that it's good to finally be home.